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Press Release 2: Blueprint “Skills4Smart TCLF 2030” Second Partners’ Meeting: Looking for Excellence in VET

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Get the press release in .pdf format in English, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese. At a time when youth unemployment, ageing-workforce and skills shortage become some of the major challenges facing the Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Footwear (TCLF) sectors in many European countries, 21 private and public stakeholders from 9 different countries gathered together in an ambitious four-year project titled “Skills4Smart TCLF Industries 2030”, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The upskilling and reskilling of TCLF workforce of 2 million people in the European Union. through innovative learning methods to better match companies’ needs, the improvement of the image of careers in these [...]

Project factsheet and leaflet

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The project factsheets and leaflets are here! Download the factsheets in the desired language: S4TCLF_Factsheet_EN S4TCLF_Factsheet_BG S4TCLF_Factsheet_FR S4TCLF_Factsheet_HL S4TCLF_Factsheet_IT S4TCLF_Factsheet_PL S4TCLF_Factsheet_PT S4TCLF_Factsheet_RO S4TCLF_Factsheet_SP Download the leaflets in the desired language: S4TCLF_Leaflet_EN S4TCLF_Leaflet_FR S4TCLF_Leaflet_HL S4TCLF_Leaflet_IT S4TCLF_Leaflet_PL S4TCLF_Leaflet_PT S4TCLF_Leaflet_RO S4TCLF_Leaflet_SP  

Press Release 1: A Blueprint to Revitalise Skills and Jobs in the TCLF Sectors in Europe

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Get the press release in .pdf format here. The need to anticipate and enhance adequate skills and learning methods as well as to attract and qualify workers has brought together 21 public and private stakeholders of the Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Footwear (TCLF) sectors under a strategic 4-year Erasmus+ project called “Skills4Smart TCLF”. The aim of the project is to create a robust and sustainable community of private and public actors across Europe, which will re-shape and update skills and education in these traditional and yet dynamic and innovative sectors within an EU-wide skills strategy. During a two-day meeting in Brussels, [...]